In the name of Allah


We decided to use the experience of many years and knowledge of modern technology and technology to be a jet printer that due to its unique technical design in every way to satisfy manufacturers because we know from experience devices The jet printer in the manufacturing plants is in high demand due to its very high prices and high maintenance costs, and most importantly the excessive complexity of these devices, which leads to the malfunction of the device and the confusion of the operator. Provide producers and understand that they produce We have a lot of problems due to economic sanctions. We wanted to take a very small step by providing quality, low-cost and cost-effective products to solve these problems and gain the satisfaction and confidence of this hard-working class. Observance of ethical principles and fairness, in addition to providing the mentioned products with a very creative and capable team in the field of after-sales service and supplier of consumables, we did not leave the manufacturers alone and tried to be one of the best available in this regard. It is more difficult than to achieve it with a relentless effort Full-time and patience, pointing out to the satisfaction of those who have confidence in the company Darym.amyd Varym Vasvdgy deserve to ensure that we Khatrvrzayt Raarmghan to those who have elected us with your grace




      Commercial Unit: This unit consists of personnel who, in addition to being fully familiar with industrial jet printers, are fully aware of most of the factory's production lines, and these two factors have led experts in this field as consultants, not as salespeople. Dear manufacturers, provide the necessary guidance





    technical department
    In addition to their university education, the personnel of this unit have passed the specialized training on installing and repairing SAUVEN-BETTERMARK-BESTMARK jet printers completely from the mentioned companies by obtaining a certificate so that they can work as a repairman and not as a replacement for any problem. Be technically respected by the manufacturers





    After-sales service unit
    The personnel of this unit are responsible for preparing and distributing the main consumables of SAUVEN-BETTERMARK-BESTMARK jet printers and all the original parts of the mentioned jet printing machines. Despite all the economic pressures and sanctions, they have never left customers alone and have been able to And one of the strongest after-sales service teams of industrial printing presses to be recognized by respected manufacturers in the country




                        Oran Novin Industry Services Unit

Customer Rights Charter




                                                                  Charter of Customer Rights in Oran Novin Industry

The customer is the most important observer of our activity. He does not depend on us. We depend on him. The customer next to us is not a fleeting goal, but the customer of the goal and the goal of all our actions. He is not a foreign person in the organization, but the customer is a part of our organization


We do not favor the customer with the service we are announcing, but he is kind to us through the opportunity he gives us to continue working